Personal Projects

I’m a community organizer at heart. I build communities around interests and causes I care about.  Outside of software development, I have been involved over the last few years with the following personal initiatives.

Basic Income Advocacy



It is my belief that a universal basic Income will be a necessity for us to transition through the period of upcoming automation of jobs and begin to reverse the current extreme inequality which is harming the economic security of the modern western world and its peoples. Even without the spectre of a jobless future, a universal basic income is the best idea I can think of to improve the ability for all peoples in society to participate fully in their democracy & facilitate the circulation of money needed to make capitalism more robust and humane.

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Supporting Entrepreneurs

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I founded this FB Group in early 2013 when I was going through a phase of my life where I was learning about how businesses can be about purpose, empowerment, and core values. I wanted to connect with like minded people and ran meetups monthly for a while.  Today, the group is actively moderated by a volunteer team and has over 4000 members with meetups from time to time, in Toronto, Canada.