Floyd Marinescu

Floyd Marinescu

Father, business owner, promoter of good ideas for society

I’m the CEO and co-founder of C4Media, which provides software development news and learning events serving 1.2 million online on InfoQ.com, and 8,000 attendees annually via QCon conferences in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. I’m an angel investor in over a dozen startups and have built teams and businesses in the US, Canada, China, Brazil, and Europe.

I’m also the founder and primary donor to UBI Works, a basic income advocacy organization that has grown into a network of over 100,000 basic income supporters across Canada and publishing content seen over 2 million times a month. In 2018, I organized 120 Canadian CEOs to sign a letter endorsing basic income in Canada.

My latest initiative, Common Wealth Canada raises awareness for a land value tax as a solution to the housing crisis, and the creation of a sovereign wealth fund that could pay all Canadians dividends.


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My research as of 2024 focuses on the economics that can solve poverty, address the housing crisis, and lead to a future of abundance for all. I’ve been talking about land value tax and its potential to fix the housing market and as an ideal source of funding for a basic income on numerous podcasts:

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One of my most memorable moments was when I brought a robot with me to talk about automation of jobs on stage at the Ontario Liberal Party leadership convention 2020 at the invitation of then leadership candidate Alvin Tedjo.

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