About Floyd Marinescu

Floyd is CEO and co-founder of C4Media, which provides software development news and learning events serving 1.2 million online on InfoQ.com, and 8,000 attendees annually via QCon conferences in SF, NY, London, Beijing, Shanghai, and Sao Paulo. Floyd is an angel investor and limited partner in several venture capital funds totalling over 50 startup investments.  Through his work at C4Media Floyd has personaly built teams and businesses in the US, Canada, China, Brazil, and Europe. 

Floyd is founder and primary donor to UBI Works, a basic income advocacy organization that grown a network of over 100,000 basic income supporters across Canada and publishing content seen over 1 million times a month.  In 2018 Floyd organized 120 Canadian CEOs to sign a letter endorsing basic income in Canada.

Professional Life


Software Development News Site with over 1,500,000 unique visitors/month, live since 2006.  It’s like CNN + The Economist for Software Engineers. Published in 5 languages including Chinese, Portuguese, Japanese, and French.



Attended by over 8000 senior software engineers world wide across 7 cities: New York, San Francisco, London, Shanghai, Beijing, Tokyo, and Sao Paulo. QCon brings together leading practitioners in early adoper/innovator companies to present their experiences to the world.



The C4Media team are 50+ people working all remote, from home, from 9 countries.  Remote work is the way of the future and we have built a truly global team, unified by our shared core values and the processes and systems that keep us aligned.   I love talking about remote work and am working on a book on the subject.

Personal Projects

I’m a community organizer at heart. I build communities around interests and causes I care about.  Outside of software development, I have been involved over the last few years with the following personal initiatives.

Basic Income Advocacy



It is my belief that a universal basic Income will be a necessity for us to transition through the period of upcoming automation of jobs and begin to reverse the current extreme inequality which is harming the economic security of the modern western world and its peoples. Even without the spectre of a jobless future, a universal basic income is the best idea I can think of to improve the ability for all peoples in society to participate fully in their democracy & facilitate the circulation of money needed to make capitalism more robust and humane.

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TEPP: Toronto Entrepreneurs of Passion and Purpose


I founded the TEPP Facebook group and meetups in early 2013 when I was going through a phase of my life where I was learning about how businesses can be about purpose, empowerment, and core values. I wanted to connect with like minded people and ran meetups monthly for several years before passing on the reigns.   Today, the group is actively moderated by a volunteer team and has nearly 5000 members with meetups from time to time, in Toronto, Canada.


Giving Portfolio Philanthropy Process


I published an article in early 2018 to share a personal philanthropic practice I had developed called a Giving Portfolio. Just as an investment portfolio helps you track and understand your investments, a Giving Portfolio does the same for your philanthropic activities. I discovered that keeping a portfolio of what causes and people I am contributing to, in a way that mirrors what investment portfolios look like, has been a soulful way to shift how I relate to the world and to myself.



Meditation has been a huge interest of mine, since my teens.  Initially it was a coping mechanism to get by in a trouble time.  Over the years I learned to make it part of normal daily way of being, not just something to be done seated in fancy places. Meditation is about meeting yourself, here and now!

Personal Interests

I’ve also been practicing Fut Gar Kungfu for over 5 years. I enjoy kungfu as a means of continual learning, body mastery, exercise, and self-defense. I enjoy practicing by sunrise in the mornings: